How to live with the moon phases

How to live with the moon phases

In the past years, I have been connecting more with the moon, creating rituals and connecting with the moons magical energy. Connecting with the moon has been life-changing for me not only have it made life more fun and magical and a feeling of harmony and at peace when doing my rituals. But it has also brought higher vibrations into my life and has made me understand my certain moods and feelings in a better way. 

As the moon lovers as we are here at Moonchild, we want to encourage you to get to know more about the moon as well as how you can live your life according to the moon phases. So here is a beginner guide on how to start living your life with the moon phases. 


Why we should care about the moon phases 

The moon consists of feminine energy. Both men and women consist of both masculine and feminine energy so both men and women can be affected by the moon. But the woman can often be more affected and connected to the energy of the moon since a woman has her changing cycle just like the moon. Women have a wild and changing energy within her, just like the moon which can make her feel connected with the energy of the moon. 

The moon is a reminder that life is constantly changing and that we are always going through different changes which are such a beautiful thing. We need to see the beauty in every single stage in our life and the moon is there as our constant reminder of this 

Full moon

The full moon comes every month and it is the time in the moon cycle when we are reminded to let go of the things that do not serve us anymore. It is the time to look back at the month and do an evaluation and let go of things, thoughts and people that has served its time in your life. 

New moon 

Around two weeks after the full moon, the new moon accures. This is the time to set intentions and goals in your life. The new moon is filled with inspiring energy which makes this the perfect time to start a new project, make a vision board and be filled with creativity. 

 Live with the moon phases 

If you want to start living with the moon phases, there are so many different ways to do it! Listen to your heart and do what it desires and create the little ritual that serves you. Here are some of our magical examples on how you can connect and live with the moon:

connect with the full moon 

  • journal 
  • take time for yourself to relax and give yourself some self-love 
  • take a ritual bath 
  • this is the time for you to be still, relax and snuggling
  • do a burning ritual where you burn a paper with all the things you let go of 
  • clean the energy in the house with sage 
  • connect with relaxing and healing crystals as amethyst

connect with the new moon 

  • set intentions 
  • make a vision board 
  • start new projects 
  • take action 
  • take an oracle card 
  • it is the perfect time to organize your home 
  • clean the energy in the house with sage 
  • be creative through painting, yoga, music, connect with nature 
  • a good time for a detox or cleanse 

Understand what effect the moon phases have on you and what phase you are in 

I cannot emphasize enough on how important it is to understand what effect the moon has on you, it can be a total mind opener. Ever since I was a kid I always used to have a hard time sleeping during the full moon and being aware of the full moon and the effect it had on me could make me more relaxed and not wonder as much on why I could not fall asleep. Maybe you are just like me and also have trouble sleeping during the full moon? 

But it was not until recently was I started to take notes on how I am feeling in what moon phase. I started to take notes and realized a change in my mood in every single new moon, month after month and could see a pattern. 

Understanding how the moon affects you is so important. It makes you understand yourself and your body in a completely different way. 


  • I recommend you to start taking notes on how you are feeling if you are having more inspiration in one phase or always get sad and emotional in another. After some time you will start to see your patterns and can get explanations to your feelings. 


Do you live after the moon phases and what do you do to live with the moon?  

We are considering doing an IGTV with a moon ritual, what do you think about that? Would you like us to do a moon ritual together? '


Much love, 

Team Moonchild 

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  • Natalia Reynders

    I’ve always had trouble sleeping when the moon is full… Thanks for sharing this information. I would appreciate if you would share more about it!

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