How to create Danish Hygge this Summer

How to create Danish Hygge this Summer

Going into the vacation mode, and going into the first day of July we want to inspire you on your summer vacation this month to get the ultimate amount of relaxation and creating the most beautiful memories this summer with this month's focus being "MY Vacay Vibes". 

What is Hygge?

With Moonchilds danish DNA, we would like to introduce you to the word Hygge which is a concept that the danish culture is based on. "Hygge a Danish word for the quality of coziness (= feeling warm, comfortable and safe) that comes from doing simple things such as lighting candles, baking, or spending time at home with family." All of us have been affected by the heavy energy that has been around us during the spring and now more then ever we need those vacation vibes with the focus on releasing energy, getting the ultimate amount of relaxation, and bringing more Hygge into our lives. 

How can I create more Hygge this summer?

1. Read books 

Is there anything better than reading a really good book on a hot summer day at the beach, getting stuck inside the book's world and just letting time fly by? Go to a cozy local bookshop and go book hunting for some really good summer reads! Here are some of our favorites to check out - which ones are yours? 

- True Love: A Practice for Awakening the Heart by Thích Nhất Hạnh

- The seven spiritual laws of success: a practical guide to the fulfillment of your dreams by Deepak Chopra

- Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

 2. Freshly baked bread for breakfast

Such a simple thing as taking a walk to your local bakery in the morning to buy some freshly baked bread for breakfast bring so much joy to your life. Gather your kids and family and serve a nice breakfast that you can enjoy together, or why not bake the bread yourself? 

3. Bring your garden inside 

The summer is one of the most beautiful and colorful times there is, with all the different flowers blooming outside. Remember that this does not last forever so enjoy it to the fullest right now - go pick up some flowers from the garden and bring them inside, bringing some more color and positive energy into your home. Embrace the beautiful season we are in right now by not only enjoying it outside - but take it inside. 

4. Spend time with yourself

When we are in our vacation vibe it is so easy to get caught up that we need to spend time with our friends and family and exploring new places all the time. But it is also important for us to remember that this is our time to relax. So for you who really need your relaxation and focus on your self-care this month. Wake up before your family wakes up to get a second to check in with yourself. Why not do as Moonchilds founder Louise and do the 21 days of abundance meditation with Deepak Chopra which you can find here

5. Long summer game nights with friend and family

Is there anything we love more than gathering all your friends and family for a good old game night filled with card games and board games? Sitting outside with your loved once on those hot summer nights - this is truly where most memories get created and times with pure love. 

Creating an unforgettable summer with the Hygge feel is all about simplicity - it is about gathering all those small moments like having out with your loved ones that bring so much joy and energy into our lives. Remember to stop looking at what other people are doing this summer on their social media and just be in the moment. Do the simple things as eating your favorite ice cream and enjoy every second of it. Remember that this is your time to slow down. To take a break to enjoy the nature. To turn off the TV and simply be together. To ask our kids what they are wondering about. To call our parents. To watch the sunrise. We must never forget to enjoy all of these small moments in our life because all of these things are never as small as we think. 

sending you love & light, 

Team Moonchild




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