How to create a mental wellness routine that works for you

How to create a mental wellness routine that works for you

A month has passed by, a month of Moonchilds mental wellness month. A month filled with meditations, journaling sessions, decluttering and so much more. We hope that you have got new tips and ideas on how you can take care of your mental health and that you feel that this month gave you something. 

But we need to remember that mental wellness is an ongoing practice and journey. It is not something you do for this month and then quit, because then the results you have seen during this month will disappear again. You need to continuously take care of your mental wellness and keep up with your practice. 

To make it easier for you to take care of your mental health and to keep working with these important things you have been through during this month we recommend you to create a mental wellness routine that works for you! A routine that you come back to every day to check in with yourself and your state of mind. 

How do I set up a mental wellness routine?

  • Consider when you have the time and would prefer to have a mental wellness routine. Is it during the evening or the morning you have some quite minutes all for yourself?
  • Consider how many minutes you have a day for mental wellness on average, is it 60 minutes, maybe 30 or just 15? Anything is better than nothing! Remember that this is just the average on a day when you find the time it can always be longer and other days shorter. 
  • Now consider what is the most important thing for your mental wellness, what is it that makes you see the most result? Is it journaling, maybe meditation, doing gratitude or any other practice that is most important for you? This will be your key, the main point that you are focused on and on the days where you have the least time, you only focus on this day. And the days where you have more time you add on to this. 
  • Make a list of your favourite practices that you can add into this routine on days you have time here is a list of examples of what you can do on a day for your mental well being: 

One thing that is important to remember when it comes to routines is that it is very important that you are conscious of your routine. When you notice that you start to make things on repeat, it is time for you to switch your routine! This is also why it is important that you validate your practice from day to day so that you do not get stuck in a routine and do it on repeat. Because when this starts to happen, it doesn't bring you the same benefits any longer. 

We want to encourage you to really stay on track with your mental wellness practice and therefore recommend you to now set up a routine that you can continue to do when the mental wellness month is over. Because our mental health is truly important and impacts our life significantly. 

So girl, keep practicing, keep prioritising your mental wellness and start creating a mental wellness routine that works for you. 

Much love, 

Team Moonchild 


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