How to connect with one another in these times

How to connect with one another in these times

Lately, there has been an urge to connect with people, get personal and emotional together with others. We are really starting to wake up and realize how important physical contact is and meeting and engaging with others. That human beings are social creatures, we need each other, love and connection. 

Since this is something we urge right now, let us connect, let us be social with each other and engage with each other, here is how: 

Join Flowstate studio

The start-up Flow-state studio is the ultimate online wellness studios that are daily offering live classes on yoga, self-care, and other classes to make us feel good. It is a beautiful way in order for us to connect with each other and show up for practice these days. Also, with all the profit going to charity, how can you not say yes to something like this? 

Book your next class here

Give a loved one a call

If there is anything we have been thought, then it is to appreciate each other and take care of each other. We can never take anything or anyone for granted. So we want to encourage you to give a loved on a call, a family member that you have not had the time to talk to in a while and catch up with the person. Remember to show your love and appreciation for the person. 


Dance together with Dancing Alone together

When the professional dancer and graphic designer got laid-off due to the entire COVID-19 situation, she took it as a great time to start a new project. She started Dancing Alone Together and donates her time during this situation on this project. 

Dancing Alone together is a platform created to be the center of the dance world, in this time we are living in. A platform that does not host events or classes but instead gathered all the information regarding online dance classes that are taking place. It shows a schedule for all the online dance classes each day with all the information regarding the classes. 

How great isn't to get your body moving and to dance and raise your vibration and connect with other beautiful souls? 

Get your body moving here

Host a girls night with your friends 

There are many loved once we miss, that might not even be in the same county as you. So why not take this opportunity to create a girls' night through FaceTime? Invite your friends, cook together, have fun and appreciate every moment you get to spend together. Connecting with your friends are such an important thing in order to feel good. 

 Be kind, connect with each other and be human. 

much love, 

Team Moonchild


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