How she created Denmarks first modernised crystal business

How she created Denmarks first modernised crystal business

Noell Elise Wakeroots, the founder of the Danish holistic crystal brand Noell Crystals grew up in Odense, Denmark, and has had an interest in crystals ever since childhood. She describes how as a child she and her grandmother used to walk on the beach for hours just searching for Amber and how her grandfather collected stones and used to polish them at home in his basement. 

We got the magical opportunity of interviewing her about her personal and business journey. A truly inspiring woman that we want to empower!

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How did the idea of Noell Crystals come to you?

The idea of Noell Crystals started when started searching and wanted to find a modern Danish crystal page on Instagram, but could not find any. So later, that exact same evening I just thought ”I´ll just do it myself” and it was from that day that the brand Noell Crystals was born. I wanted to modernize crystals so that crystals as energy tools would be something more people would be interested in.

Spirituality has always been a big part of Noell´s life, she explains that she sees it as we are all spiritual beings having a human experience. She has since an early age been very connected to the knowledge that there is something more and her mother tells her stories from when she was a kid and have spiritual experiences. As the time when she came home and told her mother that her friend burned her hair on the birthday candle. The mother thought to herself that she needs to ask the friend how she is the next morning at kindergarten but unfortunately forgot. So, in the afternoon when she went back to kindergarten to pick up Noell, she explained to the teacher that I forgot this morning to ask how it went with the girl but the teacher said ”what are you talking about, that happened today”.

What is your best advice for anyone who wants to start their journey on going after their dream and life purpose - starting a business?

My best advice would be to start to look at it from the business aspect straight away – working from 8-3 will not work, there is a lot of energy and effort that you will have to put into this. You will be at work all the time and it will take you a lot of time away from your family and you have to be prepared to sacrifice that.

Then I would also advise you to make a clear vision and mission. Vision is for an example what you want in 5 years and a mission is how you will get there. This is good to start off with so that you from start have a plan with the business. It could also be a good idea to make an overview of five core values of what is important for you and the business so that you can always come back to and see if a decision or collaboration would serve the business and the values. You can even every year or every half a year review it and go over how it has been going and if the values still serve the business.


How are Noell Crystals and you personally working with empowering women and how can we in our everyday life empower other women more?


I share a lot of my thought and ideas on all my different channels and work to empower women in that way.

You can empower yourself by understanding that you are not your thoughts and you are not your feelings. You are just a vessel where thoughts and feelings run through all day long. And, what thoughts and feelings you want to give more energy is all up to you.

I believe that we can empower other women by seeing that we are not in competition. We can see how we are trained from a rather young age to believe that girls are competing against each other. It becomes very clear by looking at movies and series and see how everyone wants to be “the popular girl”. We can empower each other by that when we feel jealous by a friend, we can empower both ourselves and our friend by realizing that this is what I feel right now – but that doesn’t mean that I do not want good for my friend and be very honest about the way we feel in the moment.

What are crystals and how can they help us?

Crystals are a mix of different minerals and they are all around us all the time. Crystals are essential for modern life as we know it. Your mobile contains for than 17 crystals/minerals and would not exist without the crystals. We need crystals for our phone, to build houses, and so on. So,  crystals can help us to build modern life but also to tell our intension, dreams, and desires and can be used as a reminder. Crystals are strong energy tools but we need to remember that in the end, we are the strongest energy tool of them all. But crystals are also a great tool to let their energy and vibration guide our intentions.

How have crystals and spirituality helped you in life? Do you have a holy crap moment where the crystals helped you heal or manifest or anything like that?


First of all, they have helped me in the way that starting to have practices and rituals makes me more grounded in my body and my life. Once a month full moon and new moon ritual and it has made me more connected to nature and everything. It has helped me make more conscious decisions, and reflect on questions a “do I like my life or do I want to change anything in my life?”. To amplify that awareness and not just spinning in the hamster while.

The most amazing holy carp moment was not mine but one of my friends. One of my best girlfriends could not get pregnant and was struggling hard with that for many many years. She did not believe in any of the things I am working with but I decided to give her a moonstone necklace because historically moonstones are connected to the female energy and it is said to help with fertility and I just felt like she had tried with everything so what did she have to lose – what bad could happen from her having and trying this? And a couple of months later she became pregnant and had a beautiful baby boy 9 months later, it was a really beautiful moment for all of us that we had been waiting for such a long time.

What is your best advice for someone who wants to start practicing more with crystals?

Seriously believe in yourself and try to use this as a practice and as an opportunity to connect with your intuition and believe in yourself. Don’t give the power away. You are the power of your life – you are the main energy tool and you are responsible for what you want in your life. Many people contact someone or research on crystals, explaining that I need this and this in my life – what crystal should I use? It hurts me seeing these people who do this because those people give away their power this way. The second you tap into what crystal is calling YOU, you will get the craziest kick out of it. So, use your intuition to see what crystal is calling you. That is also why I do not put up any rules when it comes to crystals, because then people just go after it and do not listen to their own voice and intuition.

Lastly, what are your best tips for anyone out there who wants to connect more with themselves and find their purpose? How do you get more connected and aligned with the universe?

Meditation, if you want to get more connected and aligned with the universe you need to understand that you are the universe! You created your universe, the way you experience the world is created by you. No one experiences the universe the way you do – that is how powerful you are! That is how powerful your mind is! And the best way to realize this is through meditation. But also, meditation is not for everyone some people need another way in there and if this is not for you then maybe start doing these monthly rituals or start a daily practice where you sit and just look at a crystal.

I think the main thing is if you want to connect more with yourself and understand your purpose is that you need to create space to do so. If you sit there and think that you want to connect with yourself more but you are sitting there scrolling all day, busy in meetings and going to different parties and meeting people then you will never connect with yourself. But if you start to create space to do so, going for a walk in nature, sit next to the water, just sit in stillness and be with you, you will start connecting more with yourself.

By the end of the day, YOU hold the key. No one can do the work for you and no one can tell you what you need and that is why I do not tell you what crystals you need.


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