Hot Lemon Water

Hot Lemon Water

Hot. Lemon. Water. 

This might possibly be a detox/health concept that you have heard of many times before. Whether it be from Samantha drinking it in the "Sex and the City" series or from reading about it in magazines, health blogs or the likes. Hot lemon water has never been and will never be just a fad, because this is the kind of thing you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. 


Ideally, it is best to drink it first thing in the morning, before you do any activities or drink or eat anything. But realistically, if you are the type that workout in the morning before breakfast, then you don't want to sit around having hot lemon water before going to the gym. On days where yoga or workouts are in the afternoon, then definitely priorities drinking it first thing. But again, this is life, nothing can be perfect all the time. So remember you will definitely still get all of the benefits, even though you don’t drink it first thing everyday. The key is to do it before you consume your first meal. The most important thing is doing it - which means doing some thing good for your body! I have read some articles with information regarding the benefits of hot lemon water after a strenuous workout - in relation to body salts. So hey, maybe the ideal morning for some of you might be getting that awesome workout in, bright and early and then enjoying a nice, big cup of hot lemon water. 

It is best if you use organic lemons, especially if you plan to put the lemon directly into your hot water! Stay clear of the unnecessary toxins. 

Hot lemon water has glorious benefits such as:

- Flushes and helps your digestive system 

- Hydrates your body

- Boosts your immune system (thanks to the vitamin C in lemons) 

- Can help clear your body of toxins 

- Does wonders for your skin, both with general clarity but also with wrinkles and acne 

- Can be beneficial in preventing or aiding in fighting off colds or the flu


Hot lemon water can also help keep PH levels balanced, help maintain eye health and prevent eye problems. Another note, hot lemon water can be a great thing to start drinking if you are trying to cut back or full-on quit coffee/caffeinated drinks.


Hot lemon water can also bring a sense of calm into mornings, which I have found to really makes a difference in my everyday life. 

The big take-away from this tip is that there are a lot of really powerful and wonderful benefits of doing something so simple every morning - so it might be something to try for yourself! 

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