Home is where your (he)ART is

Home is where your (he)ART is

We are flowing into a new month and into a new energy and space. The work season is here and we start going into a new energy leaving the summer behind and moving into a energy filled with more creativity and flow. We saying hello and welcoming the new topic of the month which will be focusing on Creativity & Art, the month where we focus on "Home is where your (he)art is". 

What is Art & Creativity? 

To make it a bit easier to understand what this month is all about, it is important to take a look at what art actually means. "Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power". While creativity can be the defined as "Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness"

When we hear the words art or creativity we often already have an idea in our minds that it is a skill that you need to be good at to practice. It is often we hear people say that "I am not creative" or assumptions that it is painting and drawing is something they are not good at. We have a perception in or mind that creativity is a skill that you either have or not, that either you are good at it or you're not.  But creativity and art is something that is so much more than just a skill that some people have and other people do not have. We want to highlight the mindfulness and healing that creativity and art also carry, and that creativity and art is for EVERYONE. It is an open space made for everyone, where you are more than welcome to be. It is not a skill but instead a state of mind that we can reach. 

 What is the link between creativity and happiness?

Studies from New Zealand shows that creative activities creates an upward spiral of positive emotions, well being and positive energy. And a researcher at Harvard claims that when we get to create and express ourself it gives us a sense of purpose, but not only that but it also shows that creativity also lowers stress and anxiety and can help improve physical and mental health. 

Creativity and a more positive energy and positive emotion also allows us to see more creative solutions to a problem. 

What is important to remember is that you do not have to be an artist or have any creative skills in order to benefit from all the benefits of creativity. It does not matter if you try out a new recipe, write in your journal, draw, create a new business plan or do a DIY project, no matter what you do it can give you that boost of your creative activity. The most important thing is that you show up for your creative practice, do a small creative activity everyday to boost your creativity, you do not have to be an artist, a master of art. You just need to show up for practice to get the benefits and well being of the creative activity as it is a mental state you reach and not a skill that you carry. 

What is Creativity for the Moonchild Team? 

We all have different ways that we like to come to practice and get creative. We are all unique individuals and therefor also have unique ways to express ourself and our creativity. It is important that you take your time to try out different creative activities to see what fits you best and to discover your unique ways. Get inspired by the Moonchild Teams different individual creative practice that they do to boost our creativity. 


Evelina who are in charge of the marketing and social media on Moonchild yoga wear  express her creativity by drawing magical mandalas on free hand. She says that is a wonderful practice that she loves and that helps her calm down and is a very good stress relief.  


Next up we have Kristina, who also are helping out with marketing on Moonchild. For her the perfect way to express herself and boost her creativity is through writing and journaling. This is a beautiful way not just to express thoughts and feelings but also through creative writing. 


The founder of Moonchild and the creative director Louise enjoys to express her creativity by doodling but also she really enjoys to sing and goes and sing gospel once a week which is her way to express herself creatively. 


Next up, our wonderful design assistant Nikola says that as a fashion designer she loves to experiment with new materials and create new collages and drawing. But she also loves to go and explore new places, local shops and markets. 


Anja who are in charge of Moonchilds sales in Sweden enjoys to express herself creatively through her styling, both herself as well as others. She loves to restyle, making something old to something new to bring some new life into the things. 


Lastly, we have Mette who are in charge of the sales. She loves to express her creativity through her workouts by doing different types of works out with one of her favourites being stand up paddle. 

We have an entire month a head of us with the focus on being creative and art. We hope that you are looking forward to this new month and that you get out of your comfort zone and try some new ways to express yourself creatively because remember that art and creativity is for everyone, you do not need any kind of special skills to express yourself creatively. 

much love, 

Team Moonchild 

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