Green Detox Juice

Green Detox Juice

Spring is in the air!

If you have read one of our previous posts, "Why Spring Clean", then you may have done a detox of your life and home, by spring cleaning! Today we are sharing another detox for spring, but this time it's for your body. This is also not solely dedicated to spring, it's a great detox all year round! 

This green juice is a Moonchild team favorite and is great first thing in the morning or as an afternoon snack to give you a little energy during the 3 o'clock lull. It might be exactly what your body needs to give it that little extra energy, a cleanse and a boost. 

The recipe is super simple and with ingredients you should be able to find at your local grocery store. Also, keep in mind that if you are unable to get these specific ingredients, find a seasonal alternative that is available to you! 

With all juices, this is best enjoyed cold. You can either add ice to the juice to cool it down or leave it in the fridge for a couple of minutes. All depends on your preference. 



4 stalks Celery 

2 apples 

1 cucumber

1 big bunch kale

1 lemon

1 piece fresh ginger


Juice it up in your juicer, enjoy cold and feel the detox with each sip! We hope you will love this little detox tip as much as we do! 




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