August Full Moon Ritual

August Full Moon Ritual

Tomorrow marks the rise of a new moon as the evening falls upon us. In mark of this months full moon we have decided to share our full moon ritual with you. We hope that it will inspire you to embrace the power of the moon. On August 15th, a full moon with take shine down on us. Full moons are all about nourishment. This is because the moon is receiving the full light of the sun and it is shining down upon on. When the moon is full, there is a strong gravitational pull towards the Earth - it is at this time that we are our most creative and intuitive. It's during the full moon that should take the time to go outside and allow the moons light to shine down on you.

The full moon can be embraced in many ways. While some use it to be their most creative and spiritual, others use it to look within and embrace their intuition. Look at it from two perspectives. The full moon is filled with energies that can fuel and power our bodies. We can use this to embrace our creativeness and fuel our inner energies. From the other perspective, all these energies may be too much for where you are in your life right now. If this sounds like you and where you are, then embracing all the power and energy is not the right thing for you to do during your full moon ritual. 

Now that there are two ways to approach the full moon ritual, you can see which perspective is right for you. Look within and think about what you need right now? 

Whether you are doing a full moon ritual for energy or for serenity, you will need the same things. For the ritual you will need

- your crystals

- sage or palo santo

- a meditation cushion, yoga mat or simply somewhere comfortable to sit 

- journal/paper 

The full moon is the best time to charge your crystals along with yourself. Charging your crystals with the moon light fills their energies to help support you when you need them most. For the moon ritual you can place your crystals in front of your or around you. Once you have your sage or palo santo ready and burning, then you can set yourself comfortably and prepare for your full moon ritual meditation. This meditation is for you. You can either listen to your favorite mediation, maybe even find a specific meditation for the full moon, or you can simply meditate individually. Do what works best for you. These elements should be the same no matter what you are looking for during this full moon ritual. 

Once you feel calm, collected and maybe even energised then you are ready to make this full moon ritual your own. If you want to use the full moons power to energise you and embrace your inner creativity, then it is the perfect time to get creative. Be creative in whatever way that effects you positively - maybe even try something new. Whether it be drawing, painting, colouring, photography, the list goes on. 

If you are looking for more calm and allow your body to embrace the energies but by feeling them, then after your meditation is might be the right time to journal for a bit. Express how you feel after your meditation, maybe journal about something happening in life or maybe it's something totally different. Again, do what works for you! 

These are our thoughts on the full moon ritual but encourage you to make it your own and do what your mind and body needs. 

Have a beautiful full moon ritual from all of us here at Moonchild!

Much love, Team Moonchild


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