New Collaboration - ELSK X MOONCHILD

New Collaboration - ELSK X MOONCHILD


The new collaboration between the two danish brands ELSK and Moonchild has finally been launched in selected retail stores. The collection is created based on a vision to take the best from each of the two Danish brands and combine it into a number of products that can be used for both yoga and everyday life. The goal has been to create a collection that bind ELSK and Moonchild together, while using the qualities and styles that each brand is known for.

“It has been an incredibly exciting process, where Louise has worked closely with our two designers to create these fantastic products. It has been a rewarding journey to see how we have been able to unite two different universes into one, and at the same time come up with an end product that has a clear identity and can give customers some versatile and at the same time specialized products. ” -  Lars Riis, Founder of ELSK

At Moonchild, owner Louise Wang Nielsen confirms: "I have been looking forward to sharing this with you. Moonchild Yoga Wear is collaborating with ELSK on a new beautiful collection with the best of both brands. It will be Danish and down-to-earth. Thank you Lars Riis and everyone on the Love team for a fantastic collaboration. "

Discover the new collection here

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