Dance to the beat of your own drum this October

Dance to the beat of your own drum this October

Allow yourself to Flow into Fall with Living Yolates and Moonchild Yoga Wear.⁠

This October, Living Yolates and Moonchild invites you, your family, your colleagues and your friends to join in five Sunday sessions of "Dance to the beat of your own drum".⁠

Every Sunday at 10 AM (CET) during the month of October we will share a short Dancing Yolates video on Instagram, where you will be guided to bring the light into your body to carry with you during the darker seasons of the year. ⁠

Invite your besties and share the good vibes and energy.⁠


In addition to the inspirational videos on Instagram all Moonchild followers have received a special invite to join the Living Yolates Live Event on Wednesday 12th October at 5 PM CET. All you have to do is sign-up at Living Yolates Circle and get 1-month free membership with the code moonchild

Tap into the autumn energy of letting go with this Melody Yolates livestream. Let go of what no longer serves you, release heaviness and stagnation that has built up over time, and prepare to move into winter with more peace. Come back to you and let go of the beautiful craziness of the summer to find clarity as we move towards the darker, cooler months. 

Trust yourself in this process, dance to the beat, hold onto your light, and let it shine bright! ⁠

With love,⁠

Mikkala and Louise⁠

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