Companies that are opening their hearts

Companies that are opening their hearts

Now more than ever, is it important that we support our local businesses. That we make sure to buy take-away from our favourite restaurant when the restaurants cannot be open, that we support all the small businesses that are suffering in these times. 

We feel blessed when we see all the businesses and the things they are doing to make everyone's time better when they are putting effort into creating something good. There are so many companies that we would like to highlight today and give some extra credits for their effort and big hearts. Unfortunately, we cannot highlight every single one and have therefore decided to highlight a few and then share a list of local businesses that we would like to give some extra love to in these times. 

Crystal lab

Firstly, we would like to highlight the danish brand Crystal lab and their wonderful work during COVID-19. They have been hosting lives, talking about stress and talking about the benefits of using crystals in these times. 

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Rawclaity is a business with holistic life coaches and we felt like we needed to share their incredible new program with all of you. They have created a FREE program Emotional support kit for the COVID-19 period. This kit is made to support your feelings of fear, anxiety, and worry during the COVID-19 period. "It includes how to handle negative thoughts, guided meditation, opportunities for spiritual lessons, foods to boost the immune system and much more" such a heartwarming gift that RawClaity has created. 

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These times with quarantine have unfortunately also lead to increased violence against women within the homes. You already know that one of Moonchilds biggest passions is empowering women and we, therefore, feel like it is something so important to mention. This is one of the many hotlines that you can call if you need to talk to someone. Due to this period, they are currently trying to make themselves more available, with even more languages. But they are already offering languages like Swedish, English, Arabic, German and many others. Remember, people are there to help you, and do not hesitate to call if you or anyone you know is in need. 

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Edward James

The magical hairdresser Edward James in the UK has opened his heart in these times by offering National Health Service 40% off when they first come to the salon and after that 20% off. It is truly amazing to see how people are sharing love, caring for one another and creating a good time in these harder times. 

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Local businesses that we want to send extra love: 










Remember to share light & love, 

Much love, 

Team Moonchild 

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