Celebrate the Fall Equinox with these 3 rituals!

Celebrate the Fall Equinox with these 3 rituals!

On the weekend of 22nd September, we are celebrating balance. On this Fall Equinox, night and day are exactly the same length – 12 hours. The reason it's called an "equinox," is derived from Latin, meaning "equal night”. Those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere will begin to experience longer periods of darkness, a time to clarify your intentions.

Here are 3 rituals to help you celebrate this season:


1. Clear Your Space

Clear your space and home by letting go of things you no longer need or use. This is a good time to start donating unwanted items, organizing you life and letting go of thoughts not creating positive vibes. Clean your space and when you’ve made room for fresh energy, cleanse each room with sage or palo santo. As you cleanse, speak your intentions out loud for what you want to clear out.


2. Enhance Your Dreams

The longer nights of fall and winter are the perfect time to enhance your dreams. Help your dreams along with a crystal, a lavender-scented candle, or essential oils, and keep a dedicated pen and journal to write them down. Dream Wild - Moonchild!

3. Restore Your Health

Start the Fall equinox with a cleanse. With your doctor’s permission, try a gentle juice cleanse. Take up a yoga or meditation practice and focus on improving your breathing and core strength. You can create a meditation sanctuary at home with an oil diffuser, candles or anything else sacred to you. There’s a lot of health benefits of a daily meditation practice, including a lower heart rate, decreased anxiety, weight loss and stress reduction. 

See our other post of why you should consider meditation for more on taking up a meditation practice, by clicking HERE!


May your Fall Equinox be restorative, peaceful and inspirational. 

Love and light!

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