Berlin Yoga Conference Recap

Berlin Yoga Conference Recap

This past weekend Moonchild Yoga Wear took a little trip to Berlin to experience the Berlin Yoga Conference! The Berlin Yoga Conference is an international yoga conference that has a program filled with workshops, mediations, lectures, delicious vegan/vegetarian food, music, and even art! 

It's all about an authentic yoga experience, high quality content and creation bond! The three points that the entire Berlin Yoga Conference has focused on throughout the journey to this conference. They define them as "breathe", "learn" and "connect". 

Anastasia Shevchenko is the founder of this lovely yoga conference. Anastasia is a certified yoga teacher who wants to give back to the yoga community by providing a space for yogis from around the world to come together. We had a chance to interview Anastasia, and you can read the interview here.


The three yoga days were jam packed with all types of yoga from around the world! With everything from Yin to Dharma to everything in between. To get an idea of everything that happened with events, you can check out the Berlin Yoga Conference Program

Here are some snippets from the yoga filled weekend in sunny Berlin! 









Our founder Louise was at the BYC to experience the energy and spread some Moonchild magic to whoever stopped by for a chat. One of Moonchild's favorite things is to participate in these events and meet all the beautiful yogis from around the world sharing a piece of their world with us. It fills our hearts with so much warmth! 

What other yoga conferences/events would you like to see Moonchild at? 

Sending lots of good energy to you today! 

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