This Month in Astrology - May

This Month in Astrology - May

Welcome to a brand new month! We are already a good week into May, but there is still so much more ahead for the next coming weeks. 

At the beginning of each month we love to check out the Astrological Calendar and of course the Moon Calendar too! This gives a great overview and understanding of what is happening in our universe the next 28-31 days. This is beneficial both for reflecting on the fact that there is so much happening out there in the universe everyday, but also to help us understand the highs and lows and everything in between. One of the most well-known of these universal waves, is when Mercury is in Retrograde and many off us feel the energy shift in our daily lives. While these times can be some what difficult do to these changes, it can also help us to be more aware in order to take extra care of ourself during the low points and embrace the extra power and motivation from the high points. 

Whether you choose to believe in the astrology energy or not, it's a very interesting perspective to keep an open mind to. 


Astrological Calendar 

 Calendar by

Some highlights that you might want to date in your calendar during May:

May 15th, Venus enters Taurus - a time to attract real opportunties 

May 18th, Full Moon in Scorpio - you may feel some emotional closures 

May 27th, Sun Enters Gemini - a time to open up and embrace more social activities

Moon Calendar

Calendar by Uri Compare

This was just a little sneak peak into what is happening this month based on the Astrological Calendar, and when you will be feeling the next Full Moon. We are so happy to have you follow Moonchild and our Journal.

Sending lots of good energy your way! 

Much love, Team Moonchild 

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