Activities to enjoy with your kids this summer

Activities to enjoy with your kids this summer

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The summer is a time to spend time with your family and enjoy the time when your kids are on summer break. At the same time, it can be hard as a parent to know what to do with antsy children all summer long. But to not worry, we got you covered! Here are some ideas on what you can do with your children this summer to create unforgettable memories. 

Involve them in your yoga practice

While we as parents love spending time with our children, we would also like to get the time for our yoga practice and our self-care even though it is summer. So why not involve our children in our practice this summer? Doing children yoga in the backyard together this summer - doing children yoga together and make them a part of your  beautiful practice. 

Backyard camping

If you don't feel up for going on a camping trip, why not put up a tent in the backyard and have your own little camping experience there, having a cozy time sleeping in the garden? Or create a cozy little tent where your kids can play or read a book? It creates a very cozy feeling in your garden where your kids can play around. 

Pick berries at a nearby orchard

Is there anything better than go and pick your own strawberries in the summertime? Is there anything that feels more like summer? Take your kids on a nice adventure to the closest orchard to go and pick some berries together and afterwards, you have a nice treat to enjoy together. 


Make your own ice cream

Who does not love to eat ice cream in the summertime, I think everyone does both us as an adult and our children. It is wonderful to take the kids to a nice ice cream shop and see the excitement in the children's eyes when choosing the flavor - but why not also try to make your own ice cream this summer together with your children and let them make their unique flavor? 

Clean the ocean

Another great activity to do together with your kids is to pick up trash from the parks or ocean. Why not make it a competition of who gathers the most amount of trash? Not only does this then become a fun competition but it is also a great way for you to educate your children about trash and plastic in nature. A win-win situation for both the children and nature. 

We hope that you enjoy this time you have with your children this summer. That you together with your kids will create wonderful memories that never will the forgotten. Remind yourself to just be in the present moment and be present with your kids. Be here, now, and be present with your beautiful children who are right in front of you. Because in order for us to create those beautiful memories that last for a lifetime, you have to be present in their life today. 

much love, 

Team Moonchild

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