Activities to do with Your Kids this Holiday Season!

Activities to do with Your Kids this Holiday Season!


The holiday season is a magical time when we get to spend time with our loved ones. But we also know that it can sometimes feel like a hassle, to figure out how to spend the days and keep everyone entertained. That is why we have gathered a list for you on things that you can do together with your kids this holiday season! 

Game-night - Gather the family together for a good old game night. The holiday season is the perfect time to play the card and board games you never get the time to play in your hectic every day life. 

Spend time in nature - Spending time in nature is always a good idea, why not go for a hike in the nature or bring the family on a bike ride? Let your kids collect items from nature like pinecones and use them for a craft project together when you get back home! 

Virtual museum tour - In these special times there is many museums like the Louvre that offers visual tours - why not gather your family for a nice visual museum tour or the free virtual Disney land tour? Find Visual tours here 

Explore the solar system - For the more curious one, why not explore the solar system all together - discover NASA´s Solar System Exploration together! Find it here 

Watch wild life - Enjoy your time watching wildlife on live webcams and discover see how animals move and behave in their natural habitat. You can find many different live webcams like here, here, and here 

National parks - If you have the option, then you can spend time with your family in a national park this holiday. But if not there are national parks that also offer live cameras which you can follow. See more here 

Holiday-movie marathon - Aren't the holidays made for just being lazy and watching movies all day? Gather the family and let everyone choose their favorite movie that you will all watch together. 

Make a resolution tree - Encourage everyone to write down their resolutions and put them on the Christmas tree. Then turn it into a game where you guess whose resolution it is. 

Watch National Geographic kids - As we said, the holiday season is made for lazy days on the couch. So why not check out National Geographic kids that you can find here 

We hope that you have a beautiful holiday season filled with light & love,


Team Moonchild 

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