5 Popular Types of Yoga Explained

5 Popular Types of Yoga Explained

Just as there are many different sports branches, there are also many different branches of yoga. Essentially there is a type of yoga no matter what type of practice you are looking for. It's all about what you enjoy and what your mind and body needs.

Yoga has endless benefits for the mind, body and soul and these 5 popular types of yoga are just a start of the different forms that can have a major impact on your wellbeing. 

If you are new to yoga then it is all about trying out different styles until you figure out what you like best. This can also change overtime and from week to week, all depending on what you need. 


Ashtanga is based and centers on sun salutations, series A and B. These are combined with a number of seated positions and inversions. Ashtanga is something to try if you are looking for a challenge. There can be some difficult poses that will challenge you physical body and mind. You may even find yourself feeling muscles you've never felt before. That's the joy of Ashtanga - the combination of a meditative state and strength. With all types of yoga, the most important thing is to listen to your body and be where you are. 



Vinyasa is a type of flow yoga, where you flow through different sequences of asanas. The focus of Vinyasa is the dynamic movement. Moving from one pose to the next with a flow of breath and movement. Vinyasa requires a sense of focus when it comes to the body as you move from one pose to the next. This focus is always vital but for Vinyasa, it's not only about the posture but also about the "travel" from one position to the next. This is a great type of yoga to practice if you are looking for something that is flow based but will also challenge you.


Hatha yoga is a great practice for starters but it requires some patience (especially if you are new to yoga). A meditative state of mind and body is at focus here. There is a strong focus on the individual poses in this type of yoga, which makes it good for beginners in the sense that you will really get a feel for some of the main poses. It requires a sense of patience because each pose is stayed in for a while, while practicing pranayama breathing.


Iyengar yoga was developed by B.K.S Iyengar and is also an a great choice for beginners. The reason for this is because it also focuses on each individual pose and allows for the opportunity to spend time understanding how you should be in the pose. Iyengar yoga focuses on alignment and deepening ones self-awarenss, which is done by reflectively spending time in each pose. 

Hot or Bikram

Hot or Bikram yoga is a type of yoga that is practiced in a controlled room with warm temperatures typically between 30 and 40 degrees. While increasing the heat in the room can add a sense of challenge to the class, it can also be very beneficial if you are not very flexible, as the heat will help you go deeper into poses with warmer muscles. As a beginner, this may not be the best option as the first class as it can be a challenge to adjust to the heat, but the key is to listen to your body and not push yourself too far. Hot yoga is an incredible way to connect and deepen your practice and you will feel detoxed and refreshed after class! Just remember to drink water!


Yin yoga is a type of restorative yoga that focuses on slowing down and feeling your body in long poses. Yin focuses on seated positions and stretches to restore and 
care for our muscles. In yin, you will experience a class where you get to slow down and feel each movement deeply. All yoga is great for stress, but yin specifically reminds us to take a step back, slow down and be in the moment. This is great for beginners but also great to combine with more "intense" forms of yoga such as Ashtanga or Bikram. 


What's your favourite type of yoga to practice? What is your experience with different types of yoga? Share with us in the comments below!

Much love, Team Moonchild

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  • Karolina

    As a former gymnast and football player My absolute favourite is without a doubt Kundalini yoga!
    I love it 🥰!!!

    So restorative and awarding right away – which makes it good for everyone, the advanced as well as the first timers!
    You do it the way your body tells you to and I can find the exact amount of challenge in every dynamic sequence either by making it quickly combined with the breath or – maybe more commonly – by very slowly challenge your body to move as slow as you can get your breath to move.

    Love it!


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