5 Yoga Retreats We Love

5 Yoga Retreats We Love

Is there anything better than planning a holiday where you also get to practice yoga? We have compiled a list of 5 of our favorite yoga retreats that are definitely worth checking out! Each of the follow retreats offer something different, in beautiful locations that are bound to bring you peace and happiness. 

1. Enjoy Yoga Ibiza Retreat 

The Mandala House looks breathtaking and the perfect place to de-stress and connect with yourself and other like-minded people. This beautiful retreat doesn't only have an amazing location with amazing views, but also includes morning meditation, a massage and brunch and dinner that is gluten free, dairy free and sugar free.


2. Wildest Living Retreat

Never been to Thailand? Love beautiful nature and an active holiday? Then you need to check out our lovely ambassador Faye Baldwin (aka @wildestyoga) and her lovely upcoming retreat "Escape to the Mangroves". Your days will be filled with daily yoga classes, workshops, meditation, mangrove kayaking and delicious Thai food! You will be spending some lovely days with Faye and Nicoali Boas. 

3. Naomi Clark Yoga Holiday

Naomi and some participating yogis are currently away at a retreat in Budapest. They are currently enjoying yoga, pampering, sightseeing and a full days visit to the volcanic wine-growing region of the Balaton to practice Meditation. 
Her sellout trips "Get Hot Raw & Juicy" have been a major hit and the yogis are loving their experinces. While no new trips are planned for the rest of 2018/2019, it is worth keeping an out for new trips because Naomi "has more in the pipeline"!

4. Pacati Yoga Retreats

How great does this look? A yoga retreat in the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, Italy? The most recent trip to Italy was about coming together for the love for food and yoga. The lovely yogis behind Pacati Yoga travel all around the world to create amazing retreats that you can join if you are looking for a trip to calm from within, dive deeper into your practice and wellness, while also exploring beautiful countries. 

5. Scandior Retreats

Looking for a Scandinavian inspired retreat where you get to embrace the stunning Nordic nature? Scandior retreats, "combine yoga with Scandinavian lifestyle and culture, framed by expert teaching and a sensibility for purity and vitality". The focus is to provide you an opportunity to get away and allow space to reassess and refocus. So maybe you want to enjoy your late summer in the beautiful Northern Norway? 
What experiences have you had with yoga retreats? Do you have a favorite? Maybe you've never been and feel inspired to plan a trip? Let us know your experiences and thoughts! 

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