5 Magical Yoga Retreats to Book for Autumn

5 Magical Yoga Retreats to Book for Autumn

There is nothing like a great yoga retreat. To take some time off to take care of yourself, recharge your batteries and that fills you up with stillness. To deepen your yoga practice and the connection with yourself. A great yoga retreat fills you with memories for a lifetime, and you find amazing like-minded people. 

If you haven’t already, it is time to consider booking a retreat for this autumn and winter! It can feel like a big jungle out there and finding the right retreat can be hard. There are so many different locations to go to, styles and activities that can make it a struggle to find the perfect one for you. We thought we would make it a little bit easier for you by giving you our top suggestion on some magical retreats! 

The salty pelican


Are you feeling like heading to the cost side to practice yoga and surfing? This retreat located in Portugal is the perfect combination of your yoga practice and surfing. Do morning yoga by the beach and get 5 surfing lessons in the package. This make this a lovely retreat for all of you seeking a very active retreat.

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Location: Portugal

Hiking and Yoga retreat 


This is also a great retreat for the active people out there, it is the ultimate retreat for the explorers, that want to do more than just practice yoga when going on a retreat. This beautiful retreat is located in Romania and includes a full day of hiking for those who want to do more than just yoga! 

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Location: Romania

COMO Shambhala Estate


Enough with the activities, some of us just need to relax. Many of us go to retreats to completely relax, detox and recharge all the batteries. Is this you? Then this could be a magical suggestion for you. This retreat in Indonesia offers not only a spa and yoga teachers but they also have Ayurvedic doctors and a Dietician. This is your time to relax completely. 

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Location: Payangan, Indonesia 

Autumn retreat in the UK 


Often when we think about retreats in the in a tropical or warm place, but what is better than the autumn in Europe? It is one of the most magical and colorful seasons in Europe so why not just appreciate it a little bit extra this autumn? Check out this amazing retreat in the UK. 

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Yoga in the alps


Is there anything as beautiful and magical as doing yoga surrounded by mountains? Probably not! There is a luxurious 3 days retreat in the Swiss alps. Breath in the magical alp air and take some time off for yourself. Or why not combine it with some skiing while you are at it? 

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Location: Switzerland 

There are so many possibilities when it comes to retreats, with completely different variations and activities. There is something out there for everyone, just remember to consider what your motives for going there are, what do you want to get out of the retreat? Then just listen to what your heart desires. 

Are you going to any yoga retreats this autumn? 

Much love, Team Moonchild

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