5 Effective Crystals to Use in Your Yoga Practice and How to Use Them

5 Effective Crystals to Use in Your Yoga Practice and How to Use Them

Us at Moonchild love crystals with their healing power, high vibration and that they can be used for so many different things! They can help you with your manifestations to create the life you want and help you on your healing journey. But not only that, they are also great for deepening your yoga practice.  

Many of us use our yoga practice to find inner balance. Using crystals is an easy way to boost balance and harmony through the crystal’s high vibration. It can be used by placing the crystal on the top of your mat during your practice to give you the vibration you need or in your savasana by placing the crystal on your heart which will give you a powerful healing. 

Here are some crystals that you should consider using during your yoga practice: 


If you are feeling stressed or are looking for that inner harmony in your practice, this is the right crystal for you! The amethyst helps you find that inner strength and balance that we are looking for. It keeps us balanced and are a great stone for keeping the negative thoughts away. 


Do you find yourself restless and easily distracted during your yoga practice? Then try to bring the fluorite with you the next time on your mat since it is the perfect crystal for keeping us focused. 


If you find it difficult to find your balance within the yoga poses, hematite is a great crystal that will help you find the balance you need. The hematite’s powerful energy will boost your concentration in the different poses and gives the strength and confidence you need!  

Rose quartz 

The rose quarts help us find love within ourselves as well as others. This makes this the perfect crystal to use in your practice if you want to boost your self-love, connect with your true self and heal your negative energy towards yourself.  


This positive vibrating crystal brings us joy and creativity and is a sign for success. This makes this crystal perfect to bring with you to the mat if you are working with achieving a specific goal on your mat and will make you reach your goal. 

Have you been using crystals before? Which one is your favorite crystal? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below! 

Much love, Team Moonchild

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