3 rituals to ground yourself in these times

3 rituals to ground yourself in these times

In times like these, with everything happening around the world our mental wellness month feels more important than ever. It is in these situations that are mental health is everything. 

Many of us might be working for home and spending as much time as possible inside, which can be very strenuous on our body and mind. It is now more important than ever to take care of yourself, calm yourself and ground yourself. 

We know it can be hard these days and we would love to bring some light into your life these days by sharing our best practices to connect with yourself and to stay grounded in a more difficult time. 

Bless your home

It can feel overwhelming spending so much time in your home and feeling isolated, but it is in these times that we should be grateful for our home. That we are blessed to have a place called home. We, therefore, suggest you take this time to show some extra appreciation for your home by a ritual where you bless your home. 

  • use sage to clean your home from all the energy. 
  • dissolve a bit of Himalayan salt in a bottle of water. Bless the water and show some gratitude and love for your home. Preferably put a few drops your favorite essential oil in the water and then mist the clearing water in your home. Himalayan salt will work its magic with its properties of cleansing the energies and vibrations. 

Make a ritual of all the small things in life 

Try to take this time to be connected with yourself and be in the present moment in everything you do. All the small things you do, make a loving ritual of them!

  • make a special ritual of making your cup of tea or coffee
  • say some kind affirmations to yourself in the mirror while brushing your teeth
  • turn cooking into a ritual, put on your favorite song, dance and have fun while cooking! 
  • grab a post-it note and write affirmations on it - put them up all over the house to get some kind messages everywhere you go

Try something new!

Since you are spending more time at home, you might also feel like you have more spare time. This is the perfect time to try out something new, maybe even learn a new skill?

  • learn a new instrument 
  • maybe a new language
  • try to take a cold shower every morning and see how your body reacts to it 
  • start trying to wake up earlier 

Whatever you decide to do in these times remember to do things that give light and love into your life. We are sending so much love and blessings to all of you out there, take care of each other. 

Much Love,

Team Moonchild 

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