Lotte Bregendahl Laursen Ambassador Page

Meet Lotte Bregendahl Laursen, our Denmark ambassador!
The lovely Lotte from Aarhus Denmark is quite an inspiration and perfect to represent the Moonchild brand as an ambassador. Lotte, as many of us can relate to, is busy and constantly has a lot on her plate but still finds the time to focus on herself. Lotte uses her yoga practice to center her mind and body during busy times.
Lotte teaches barre and pilates and is sure to give you a class that will leave you sweaty and feeling amazing. Her energy is contagious and is sure to brighten up your day one barre class at a time! On top of teaching, Lotte is also a clinical psychologist. She is finding a balance between two exciting worlds.
Lotte also spends part of her time in the beautiful country of Australia. Follow along on her journey and see some of her stunning Denmark and Australia adventures through her Instagram @lottebregendahl.
What does yoga mean to you?
Living a busy lifestyle, yoga has become my centre. It’s the place where I reconnect and reenergize. It’s the place where I make myself and my body a priority. It’s the place where I get to move freely, without any judgement or any competition. The moment when your movements melts together with your breath is irreplaceable and creates a very rare awareness where you’re fully aware in that specific moment. “
What makes you happy?
The warmth of the sun and the sound of the ocean. Travelling to exotic places. Fresh mangos from the farmers market. My lovely family and wonderful friends. The movement when your movements melt together with your breath is irreplaceable and creates a very rare awareness.”
What is your favorite yoga to practice?
Strala yoga. I love moving with ease without no specific direction. I love the combination of soft flows and strengthening movements. Letting your breath guide your movement and just move in whichever way is most comfortable for you is so freeing.”
What do you love about Moonchild Yoga Wear?
“Travelling a lot, I love the fact that Moonchild represents my home country.  It’s like carrying a little piece of home with me – no matter where in the world I am. It feels familiar and safe. Also, I love the super soft feel of wearing Moonchild. It’s so breathable and so comfortable. Teaching both pilates and barre and doing a lot of yoga myself, I needed to find a brand that would be equally perfect for all of these different ways of moving. With Moonchild, I’ve found exactly that and I’m truly honoured to be an ambassador for this beautiful brand.”
You can follow Lotte on her personal Instagram with the handle @lottebregendahl