Sofie Juhl Husfeldt

Meet Sofie Juhl Husfeldt, our London ambassador!
One of our wonderful Moonchild ambassadors, Sofie, is a Dane living in beautiful London. Sofie has been practicing yoga for more than 15 years and experiences yoga as an important ritual in her day. Sofie shares her passion and love for yoga through her yoga teaching, and shares her passion for health through another unique movement, EMS. Sofie is also a certified EMS trainer and helps women embrace their strongest self. For Sofie it isn’t just about becoming healthier, it’s just as much about becoming happier and stronger!
Sofie is also a proud mother of 3 beautiful boys and a self-classified health freak!
You can learn much about more the lovely Sofie by checking out her website
What does yoga mean to you?
For me yoga is a moving meditation that helps me center and focus. I have used yoga as my favourite daily “medicine” or vitamin for more than 15 years, a very private practice that has helped me through tough times and reminded me to focus even more on the good in life. To enjoy and be grateful. To balance. I love sharing this with others which is why I chose to become a yoga teacher as well as an EMS trainer.”
What makes you happy?
My passion is to help others become stronger, healthier and happier. In my work and in my private life I strive to increase the life quality of people around me. Yoga is one of the best ways of connecting and balancing both mind and body. A daily practice helps you to breathe, to let go and to feel peace deep within.”
What is your favorite yoga to practice?
Any yoga practice is my favourite. I enjoy a quiet practice alone in silence or with my favourite music, but I also love the energy that comes from practicing in a group. 
I use different yoga practice and style for different mood, energy or situations in life. And I love practicing with new teachers especially when I travel. Always curious about new poses, flows or interpretations.”
What do you love about Moonchild Yoga Wear?
“I bought my first pair of Moonchild almost 3 years ago and it was love at first sight. The comfort and support are better than anything else I have ever tried and the designs are gorgeous. It’s also important for me that the production is fair and sustainable and I know that the quality is great because those first leggings are still my favourites. After meeting Louise I’m happy to discover that there is a big heart, mind and passion behind the creation of the brand. I feel very lucky and happy to be part of the Moonchild family.”
You can follow Sofie Juhl Husefeldt and be inspired every day by following her on Instagram with the handle @emsbysofie and read more about everything she does on her website