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Moonchild's birthday contest 

It is time for a BIRTHDAY CONTEST ⁠or as we like to call it MY Moonchild Print. 

It is Moonchild Yoga Wears 5th birthday and we of course want to celebrate this with a contest. ⁠

Since this happens at the same time as our month of creativity we thought we would celebrate with a little creative contest.

It is your chance to become a designer and create the leggings of your dreams, at least on paper. ⁠

What can I win?⁠

- A Moonchild yoga mat, a bottle and a tote bag!

How do I win?⁠

  1. Download the picture.  ⁠
  2. How you choose to decorate them is entirely up to you. Draw, paint, glue or something entirely different. ⁠
  3. Once you have made your design, you post it to your Instagram with the hashtag: #mymoonchildprint and tag us in the photo. ⁠

The contest will be running for a month so there is plenty of time to get creative. On the 11th of October a winner is picked. ⁠

We will post the sketches on our Instastory along the way so you guys can inspire each other. ⁠

Good luck and have fun. 

Team Moonchild ⁠