Moonchild Ambassadors

Moonchild Ambassadors

Strong, powerful, independent, inspirational and beautiful women inspire us and we hope that they inspire you too. 

Our Moonchild Ambassadors come together from all over the world to inspire, share their journeys and their Moonchild Magic. These women are the essence of what Moonchild Yoga Wear is, unique, fun loving, inspirational and supportive. These incredible women help us share the Moonchild story and everything that comes with it.

Moonchild is holistic yoga wear designed to inspire women to move freely and allow you to express yourself. Which is exactly what our stunning ambassadors are a part of. They do not just post pictures on instagram, they share their stories, their deepest thoughts, favorite yoga moments and their progress through their journey. They, just as the rest of the Moonchild community, inspire us to create more of what you love so that you can feel empowered, beautiful and strong in your practice. 

We've got an incredible group of ladies from all corners of the world. Germany, Spain, Uruguay, Indonesia, Denmark, Norway, USA, Slovakia, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Italy, UK, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Austria, Portugal, France, and India. And the list keeps growing as you all spread the love! 

Thank you for being our inspiration!


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