Isabella Westh Ambassador Page

Meet Isabella Westh, our Danish ambassador!
One of our lovely Danish ambassadors, Isabella Westh, is a strong woman with an incredible energy. It’s an energy that she shares with those around her, especially to those in her classes. Whether it be in Yoga, HITT or Martial Arts. Isabella is a certified Strala Yoga guide, as well as a certified Martial Arts teacher! Isabella spends her time guiding and finding the balance of strength and flow.
When Isabella isn’t on her mat, she’s traveling the world and exploring all of its corners. Whether she’s traveling for adventure or for furthering her practice. One of the things we love about her is her drive for adventure and knowledge into how she can strengthen her mind, body and soul. 
You can follow Isabella and her life on Instagram at @isabellawesth. 
 What does yoga mean to you?
It is as selfish as it is charitable, in the best way you could imagine. It is about the individual journey of self-awareness as well as one of the most honest ways of human-connection I have every experienced. It is also my sacred space. The space within I connect, ground, strengthen and heal. 
 What makes you happy?
Happiness is living life without regrets. So I thrive to live my life to the fullest - in every way I can. I express love with all of my heart. I explore this earth every time I feel the urge to. I move in all ways joyful to me in the present moment. 
 What is your favorite yoga to practice?
I love movement. In its purest form. And yoga is alone a movement pattern for me. I love to challenge my body in a various number of yoga-patterns and practice everything from vinyasa, to strala, to ashtanga and more. But movement for me is also martial arts, tai chi, dance, cardio, strength and natural movement.
 What do you love about Moonchild Yoga Wear?
I love the fact that it is designed by yogi-women for yogi-women. It is as comfortable as it is beautiful. It fits the female body amazingly and is just joyful to practice in. 
You can follow Isabella Westh and be inspired every day by following her on Instagram with the handle @isabellawesth.