Loungewear Collection

Loungewear Collection


The Loungewear Collection, because you deserve to relax in something comfortable and chic. 

While we have always and will always say that all of our pieces can be used for both activewear and loungewear, we do have some select pieces that are extra perfect for lounging. Whether you are relaxing on a Sunday afternoon or simply want to get into something comfortable after a long day at work, then these are the perfect pieces for your wardrobe! Maybe you travel a lot? Then these pieces are also your new favorite travel companion, because being comfortable for long travel days is necessary. Being able to travel in comfort and style is the perfect combination. 

All these elements were taken into consideration when designing these pieces. Comfort, style and time-less design. Simply said, these are great staple pieces that you will loose endlessly. 

The core of the Loungewear Collection is the Fave Long Sleeve, the Fave Pant, the Moonchild Hoodie and the Moonchild Sweatshirt. 


The Fave Long Sleeve 

The Fave Long Sleeve is made from the finest micro modal material, that allows you to breathe and move freely. That super soft feel is from specially developed yarn, because only the best is good enough for your body.

The Fave Long Sleeve comes in two stunning colors. Marsala and Navy!

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The Moonchild Hoodie

Timeless, feminine and made from sustainable organic cotton! The combination of super soft organic cotton, a sporty fit and beautiful rose dust color makes this signature Hoodie from Moonchild Yoga Wear a new classic and perfect for lounging around in! The organic cotton feels incredible on your skin and is sure to help you slow down and enjoy from free time relaxing however you enjoy it the most.

The rose dust color is also perfect for a splash of color this Spring! 


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The Fave Pant

The Fave Pant is timeless with its minimalistic look. These pants are perfect for a relaxed, yet styling look with a cuffed hem, elegant black color and small details. These highest pants feel incredibly comfortable on and are perfect for snuggling up on the couch or going for a walk. They are even perfect for a casual everyday look. Also made with organic cotton, the feel of these pants is out of this world. They are warm, yet breathable and will be your favorite baggy, loungepants year round. 


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Relax in something you not only feel comfortable in, but also something you feel good in! That is what the Moonchild Loungewear Collection is all about. 



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