The Female Cycles Connection With The Moon

The Female Cycles Connection With The Moon

Just like the moon phase consist of 28 days, so does the female cycle. The female cycle is a natural process that is very beautiful if we just let ourselves connect with it and embrace it and leave all the taboo behind it. By embracing and understanding your female cycle you can be able to understand its energy and its power. 

Many women do not pay much attention to our female cycle and the emotions and our energy that change in the different stages. So it is time for us to make a change! It is time for us to take control and embrace our female cycle and respect our energy and emotions and the beautiful change. 

The Moon consists of four different stages The Full moon, Crescent moon, Waning moon and the New Moon. The connection between the moon cycle and the female cycle is stronger than we sometimes think. Not only the 28th days but also that both of them consist of four stages. 

The female cycle consists of the Menstruation, Pre-ovulation, Ovulation and the Pre-menstruation stage. 

Menstruation phase

This is a sensitive phase where you want to be calm and relax more. But this is a very special phase since this is the phase where a woman has a special connection with her intuition. So take this time to listen to your intuition and instinct. 

Take time to keep quiet and connect with yourself, take time for meditation and listen inside. 

This is the perfect time to relax with a long warm bath or take your time relaxing with a good book and some golden milk. 


The week after Menstruation you enter the Pre-ovulation stage. This is a renewal stage filled with new energy after the sensitive period. The increased energy makes this the perfect time to start new projects. 

This is a phase where the energy is more stable and makes this a perfect time for concentration and planning. 


This is the time where your self-confidence and self-esteem increase. It is the time we are fertile which is a time full of energy and you can have an increased sex drive. 


Here comes a time where our energy gets low. In this phase, we often start to feel the need of letting go of the things that don't serve us anymore. 

A female's memory and also the ability to concentrate goes down. This is the perfect time for healing, letting go and a perfect time for personal growth. 

You can use this reflection whenever you feel like you need to connect with yourself, check in and connect with your female cycle. It is a great way to start to understand your female cycle better. 

Are you connected with your female cycle and do you find this an interesting topic? Do you have any special routines or rituals during menstruation? We would love to start talking about this beautiful topic more!

Keep spreading your light.

much love 

Team Moonchild  

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