Setting intentions for the new year

Every year around the same time we start setting goals and new year resolutions. Maybe you already have created yours?

Setting goals for the new year is a great way to motivate you for the new year as well as getting clear in what you are striving for both for you and for the universe.

We on Moonchild think it is such a good thing to do and we love to set conscious intentions for what we want for 2020 and think that you have to do the same if you haven´t already! Here is how to do it!

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to set your intentions and created a template that you can fill out easily. You can either just save it and fill it out on your computer or you can print it out and have your little ritual at home where you set your beautiful intentions for the new year.

1. Start by finding a comfortable place where you want to sit undisturbed while setting your intentions. Make sure that it is a place where you feel safe, comfortable and is a place with good energy since that is what you want to bring into this new year.


2. This is your ritual which means that you do you, and you do it the way you like. But if it feels good to you, you can take your favourite crystals, incense, tarot cards, essential oils and maybe some calming music that you like. This can make the moment feel much more special and raises the vibration in the room.

3. Now create your own little rituals either by yourself or you could even invite some of your friends and do it together with them! 

  • We suggest to start checking in with your body, take some deep breaths to connect with yourself and get clear on your intentions for the year
  • You can clear the energy in the room using your incense as well as clear your own energy so that you have the highest vibration possible.
  • Now when you feel ready you can start filling out the template and the questions asked.
  • End the ritual with taking a crystal that you feel drawn to in your hand and thank the universe for this beautiful moment you just had. Say thank you for everything that is coming and end by saying your mantra for 2020 out loud.

We are so excited about everything that is coming, for us as individuals and for the entire Moonchild community. We send you our love and blessings and hope that you will stay with us this wonderful year.

Here is your free 2020 intension template:

If you do the ritual or use our template, please share it with us! Fill it in and share it on your Instagram or story with the hashtag #moonchildyogawear and @moonchildyogawear

Have a magical day!

Team Moonchild 

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