How to stay motivated using Moonchild´s worksheets

How to stay motivated using Moonchild´s worksheets

We know it can be challenging to stay focused, to stay motivated and on track after for many of us, a long time of working from home. No matter where you are right now or who you are, it is always pleasant to get motivated and get filled up with energy. That is why we have create MY May Motivation, a month filled with newsletters, content and journal post all to boost your motivation this month, how incredible doesn't that sound? 

We are starting up this month with taking some time to reflect in order to motivate you! We have created 3 different type of worksheets with different focuses that you can print and fill out at home. They are incredible worksheets to find your motivation and are perfect to start up the new month with, but you can of course, always come back to these anytime when you fill like you need it. 


Finding your purpose 

It will be incredibly hard to stay motivated through a task or a project if you do not have a purpose and you're why for doing it. When you have a purpose with the thing you're doing you and always come back to it as a reminder of why you started it, when it gets though. This is a great worksheet to reflect on your purpose, either in life or in a specific project that you are woking on. 

Create a new habit

One way to stay motivated this month is by creating a new habit. A new habit or even staring a new project in your life is something that can motivate you since it creates something exited, new and something to look forward to. This work-sheet focuses on creating a new habit for 21-days since this is how often people claim it takes to create a new habit. 

Manifest using the law of attraction 

Lastly, in order to stay motivated it is crucial to have a goal. Knowing what you want and why you're actually putting in all this effort that you are doing right now is a key for staying motivated. We could make this easy by making you write down 5 of your goals, but that is not really have we do it here. We believe that having  positive attitude creates a positive outcome and have created this worksheet where you will be using the law of attraction to manifest the goals you have in your life. Creating some positive energy to you life. 


Choose one of the worksheets you feel the most attracted to and start filling it out, or why just not do all three of them? That is for sure what we will do! Let's get started on MY May Motivation and motivated each other within this community! 

We would love to hear your best ways to stay motivated. 

much love, 

Team Moonchild 

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  • Jo

    Thank you so much for this ones and for all of your hard work. I’m falling in love with Moonchild day by day :)

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